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unique, personalised commissions

I also produce commissions - individually tailored paintings incorporating material and references of sentimental importance such as theatre tickets, newspaper cuttings, important dates and other personal details. As these commissions are uniquely personal they demand a very collaborative process and I always feel privileged to produce something so special.


Below are a few testimonials from clients that commissioned me to create a unique, personalised painting for them.


We spent many happy times with our children on the East Devon Beaches with my Mum when we used to come down to visit her. When she passed away, I really wanted to create something to remember her by and bring back all the happy memories we had. 


Right from the start, Alex took great interest in our family, the story and what we were trying to achieve, we had a number of conversations over the phone and met for several hours at Branscombe so I could talk him through the materials I wanted him to try and incorporate into the painting.


We’re so pleased with the outcome, I can spend a lot of time looking at it and all the small details, it does exactly as we wanted, bringing back all those happy memories of Mum. I think she’d have loved it. I can’t recommend Alex highly enough, he is a very talented and diligent artist who over the months bent over backwards to ensure we got the perfect outcome. I’m so pleased we’ve chosen to incorporate all the materials into the painting which otherwise would be gathering dust in loft, they’ve got a new lease of life as a result.

Ashley Starr

Branscombe Beach


We have been reflecting on what makes the painting so very special for us and is exactly what we wanted. While the painting represents significant events for Cathy and I over the last 30 years of our married life, we feel the process of working with you and having personal involvement with the artist makes it even more special.


Obviously we very much like Alex's work, so were keen to keep the style but with a personal twist - by supplying Alex with our old newspaper cuttings from over the years, and also the extra personal touches reflecting our lifestyle (cycling and sailing). We also think that modern technology along with Alex's personable approach helped to personalise the work. The frequent phone conversations along with the emails with high definition photos of the work in progress were not only reassuring, but also made the 'project' very exciting - we were able to see the painting being developed from the early sketches and agree on the next steps. 


We love our painting and with it being central in our house it evokes many lovely memories, we also get pleasure from friends admiring the work, then when they look more closely realise that it is personal and that the paper collage has personal significance. 

Cathy & John Keast

Sidmouth Promenade


We purchased the original painting of Westminster Bridge and were so impressed with this work of London and having read on his website the comments from people who had requested he paint a commission for them, we asked Alex if he could paint a commission for us of London Theatre Land. 


As members of The Masqueraders Theatrical Society in Nuneaton and performing as amateur actors in some of our favourite shows we explored with him the possibility of using some of the programmes of the productions we had appeared in. He was very helpful with his suggestions and took on board everything that we suggested. He included artwork, text of the synopsis of the shows and cast lists. 

We also love the glitz of The West End and the shows produced there and Alex also managed to include some of the programmes and theatre tickets of professional shows that we had attended over the years. 


He regularly kept in touch with us at various stages of the painting where we discussed the progress and any additions to be included. Alex also sent us photographs during the process of the painting.

Stephen & Maurice

Shaftsbury Avenue, London


Having seen Alex's paintings previously displayed I was convinced that the vibrancy of his work would be perfect for a really special occasion. The commission process was very enjoyable, we spoke about the colours, mood and experiences that we wanted the piece to convey. We were given input in every step of the design which truly served to make the piece so unique. Alex was absolutely wonderful to work with. We would highly recommend exploring a commission with him.

Joe & Katie

Sidmouth Promenade

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